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Ruger customer service is absolutely out of this world.

I had an LC9S which started having failures to feed. It ended up going back to Ruger three times. The last time the only miss feeds were with my rather expensive defensive ammo. Ruger went so far as to buy over a hundred rounds of this ammunition apologizing repeatedly for it taking so long, with three phone calls from the armorer who was working the pistol, only to not be able to duplicate the failure.

Ruger did not complain, and in fact the armorer called and was apologetic that he was not able to recreate the failure to feed.

Then, just a couple of days ago while dry firing that same LC9S I noticed an odd catch when cycling the slide. Examination of the recoil assembly identified a cracked outer spring.

I looked online for a spare assembly but none were available. I then contacted Ruger customer service to request purchase of one. As the original submitter stated the customer service rep without hesitation verified my name and address and stated that one would be sent to me immediately. I offered to pay and I was told not necessary, we want to make sure our customers are taken care of.

If there hasn't been, there should be dissertation after dissertation on Ruger customer service. There are many many businesses that could save themselves from failure by learning to treat their customers as Ruger does.
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