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My first deer rifle was a Rem 8 in 35 cal. when I was 12. At the time the used gun racks were full of older deer rifles. Due to economic times (1962) a lot of WW2 guys were upgrading to new rifles. The Rem 742/760 series were big sellers. They killed a lot of deer in the woods.
They were meat guns not target rifles and 742s jammed a lot.
I busted my butt to get a 742 like the older guys had, took me 2 yrs. Worst purchase I ever made. Mine was 742c 30/06 and it was 3” gun. To get it any better you had to use 180gr bullets at 2300fps at which point you might as well use a 30/30. Not to mention jams.
That’s the only one I ever bought new although I’ve had several I took on trade. I am one who calls em as I see them. I don’t care what name is on it or how much it cost. Junk is Junk and time is to short to waste time on it. I can’t think of another rifle constructed like 742/760. If you have ever worked on them you know what I mean.
I still have my #8 Rem 35 and several other 81,14,141 Rems and never had any jam on me.
I have seen the odd rifle shoot 1.5” but most are lucky to do 3”. Most of the Deer hunters I know offed there 742s back in 70s. 760s weren’t quite as bad because the hand operation of pump wasn’t near as severe as gas operated semi. on actions.
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