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Glad you sorted it out....I've got a cpl thoughts on "Cant". For me, the amount of cant varies on where I'm carrying. Generally, I wear my holsters (OWB), at the 3:00 to 4:00 position.

At 3:00, virtually no cant is necessary to get a good, solid "firing grip" on the gun, as the angle of the grip to the barrel axis takes care of it, allowing a natural forearm to wrist angle. Hard to explain in print but easy to feel if it's wrong.

As I move the holster to the 4:00 position, additional cant built into the holster is necessary to allow a good grip on the gun while it's still holstered. Classes I've taken have stressed this point...get a firing grip on the gun while it's still in the holster as you don't want to be fumbling with it during the draw/presentation movement.

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