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As someone who is not much taller but certainly wider than the OP, I feel your concealment pain. As someone who lived in SW florida for several years, I understand the need to keep completely concealed while also staying comfortable enough. All of what follows is IWB focused.

Try as I might, I couldn't figure out how to get a pistol's grip not to print even with good gear until I moved closer to 3:00 than 4:00 (actually 8:00 - 9:00 since I'm southpaw). Anything further back allowed the corner of the grip to create a print point through my shirt (a simple over-length Tee or lightweight button down, over-sized of course).

I found that the thickness of the pistol made the biggest difference after finding the most concealing position on my strong side. After that a greater cant, more than the usual stock 15 degrees worked better.

To give some perspective - my glock 26 with a 19 mag pokes out just enough to create a print point right at the outside corner of the grip. I can minimize it by exact positioning on my belt line, but movement makes it show up. On the other hand, my little bit thinner glock 48 gives me more flexibility. So long as the holster/belt combo keeps the 48 grip against my side, at 20 degrees it's not printing.

For cover shirts - along with the usual eye-confusing pattern and darker colors recommendations, I have found that material makes a difference too. If you want thin, something made of athletic synthetic stuff seem to roll off the corner of the grip, so long as it is sized large enough to do that. If you prefer cotton shirts, thicker material seems to drape better and reduce the print point effect.

I recommend you look into strong side IWB carry with a thin kydex holster with a greater cant. My personal favorite maker for this is PJ holster. But for any carry type you want the gear combination to keep the grip against your side as tight as possible while not making you ratchet it down.
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