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I'm also within an inch of your height, but heavier, and by enough that it would be noticeable if we stood side by side. I prefer a smaller pistol now, but I carried a G19 for about 3 years. I have a wide assortment of cover garments. Goodwill stores are good for those. I prefer an OWB leather pancake, at about 4:00. IOW, I hide the pistol behind my love handles.

I'll also join in on the notion about everyone and their dog having something hanging from their belt these days. Cell phones in particular, and some of those are big. I shamelessly stole a line from another member here (or maybe at THR?). If anyone asks what I have on my waist, I'll just tell them it's my colostomy bag. I figure that will cut off any further questions.

And if I'm accused of shoplifting, well ..... I don't know what your state law says, but I do know mine. The (accusing) merchant has a right to detain me. He does not have a right to search me. I'll just tell the merchant that I'll wait for the police, give them my CHCL, and we'll go from there.
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