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The good advice has been given already, but I'd second some of it.

Try some other pancake style holsters. The two I would suggest trying are Galco Combat Master and Galco Concealable. The reason is the first is a "traditional" pancake style, and the second is a "forward molded" design that contours to the hip. For myself, the Combat Master works best, but I have a very different body type than yours. Another reason I recommend these Galco is because you can try them with Free Returns from the big online retailer. You'll either find one that works great, or you'll come to the conclusion that pancake holsters in kydex, leather, and in a substantial variety of different shapes just don't work for you and that you'll need to do something completely different like crossdraw, shoulder, IWB, pocket or ankle carry.

In Florida, besides larger shirt sizes, you can also wear unlined linen or cotton sport coats and jackets.

I second the idea that printing is not a big deal and that it goes unrecognized by most people and the people that do recognize it are the ones that are least likely to be alarmed. I would much rather print than intentionally or inadvertently open carry.
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