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From my personal experience as a "big dude"...

It all depends on your body shape. If your torso is "carrot shaped" (widest at the top, tapers to waist), you can conceal pretty much anything in any position. Holsters are designed for you. Gravity will cause your shirt to drape naturally away from your waist, creating a space that your carry rig will disappear into.

If your torso (like mine) is more "pear shaped", then your shirt will naturally rest against your waist, and therefore on anything you've got attached to your belt. You may have to switch to IWB if you can't find a spot that works OWB and being fully concealed is important to you.

You also might consider a smaller gun if you must wear lightweight clothing. My "winter carry" is almost exactly the same dimensions as your G19, but due to the way my shirts hang, I can really only conceal it with a heavier/stiffer button-down shirt at minimum. I also have the subcompact model of my gun which is exactly the same size except for a shorter grip, and in the exact same holster it conceals fine under a t-shirt.

That's because the biggest problem is typically the butt of your grip sticking out. Try increasing the cant; sometimes a slightly different angle can make a big difference. Or, if you do go IWB, a "claw" or "wing" like the AIWB guys use can be very helpful even at 3-4:00 IWB, to pull the butt in toward your body more.

If all else fails, jar's point above isn't wrong; the likelihood of someone calling you out on a bulge at your waistband is pretty small. I personally like to be as discreet as possible because of where I live and work, though.
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