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If AIWB is too uncomfortable for you, then try wearing an IWB holster at say 2 o'clock - just in front of your hip bone. I find this position works well when carrying a compact size gun like the G19.

Yesterday, I was breaking in a new Don Hume H715-m WCS with an S&W 3913LS in the holster when my son and a friend stopped by to visit. Neither noticed that I was carrying under the long sleeve t-shirt I was wearing. I EDC with a similar style holster and have never had an issue.

This model of Don Hume holster which has the body shield is a well known concealed carry holster. Here is one for a Glock 19...

You will find the problem with concealed carry is finding the right carry position, holster, and the right clothes that work for you. Lands End Super T-Shirts (SS or LS), Duluth Trading or Carhartt are often mentioned as good choices. My wife gets me the LE Super Ts when they go on sale. I like the gray SS and different color LS Ts. In the hot, humid coastal North Carolina weather I wear a wife beater t tucked into my pants with a Super T untucked with great results.
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