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Bob Willman
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I'm within an inch of your height and 230 pounds. I don't know your aversion to IWB carry but I carry a Springfield XDs 45 at 4:00 and 2 spare magazines at 8:00 in Crossbreed SuperTuck holsters. With only a T-shirt or button down shirt in the summertime I see no major issues. If I bend over, and an observer knows what to look for, I suspect there may be printing but most folks probably never notice. I do blouse the shirt after tucking it in so it is not skin tight. It feels better to me and hides my not so slim figure. I carry every day all most all day, except for church and prohibited places, and am very comfortable. It is easy to forget the hardware is there. It does require a change in pants waist size and a good belt and suspenders help but I am at an age where I have earned the right to were suspenders.
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