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CCW with OWB holster - terrible printing unless carrying cross draw

Just recently received my CCW and purchased a Glock 19, ordered a Stealthgear Ventcore Flex OWB holster, a Kore essentials belt, and a couple of Eddie Bauer lightweight button-up shirts to use as cover.

The gear has arrived and I’ve tried on everything and with my Glock on my strong side I look like I’m trying to shoplift an encyclopedia. I was dumbfounded at how visible my Glock is even under the cover shirt. Strangely, I can conceal very well if I carry the Glock on my weak-side with the grip facing forward (cross draw).

I live in Florida so heavier or additional cover clothing isn’t really an option. I have a small S&W M&P 340 I can use via pocket carry but on days that weather cooperates I feel like a Glock is preferred over the 5 shot revolver. I’m over weight (5-11 and 235 lbs) with a belly and love handles that is probably the issue. Carrying AIWB is not an option - I’m not at all comfortable with that.

I’m not even sure what my question here is. Maybe just requesting any advice or suggestions. I’ve read several posts about the hazards of carrying in a cross draw posture but am I further ahead to do that with the Glock than going with the 340 via pocket carry? I kinda feel like the Glock 19 carried less than optimally is still better than a small revolver carried in my pocket holster, weather permitting.
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