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Rem auto rifles

The semiauto deer rifle is/was a popular item in my area. The BAR was the choice for those that could afford them, but the Rem family was a more affordable choice and very common. There are many still go afield, and many are available in the used gun racks. I will say outright that the Rem gas autos are not for the folks that do not care for their rifles.

I've fiddled with quite a few trying to resolve failures to extract, and it is almost always related to a pitted chamber. That happens because the rifles would get shot, put up dirty, eventually get damp or worse put up dirty and damp, and corrosion would set up in the chamber. The gas system/hardware under the forearm needs attention too.

Kept clean and lubed, the rifles work well enough. Accuracy is hampered by the shotgun like trigger, and all the apparatus attached to the barrel at the forearm, but they have proven accurate enough for many folks.
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