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I totally forgot that Ruger doesn't offer a warranty of any kind.
Actually they sort of do. Ruger stands behind their products.

Back in the "old days" for decades, Ruger had a written warranty, just like all the other guys. Then some years ago, Ruger stopped issuing a written warranty. The "official" reason was they decided to end the written warranty because of the many different (and sometimes conflicting) requirements different states had concerning what had to be in a written warranty.

I think someone at Ruger finally got the nerve to tell the lawyers to "go pound sand", so to speak. And, it seems to be working.

Ruger does not have a written warranty. "Expressed or implied"...

What they do have, and will proudly tell you, is their word that "Ruger stands behind their products".

And they do!

I find that refreshing.
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