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I've had very good results with Ruger customer service. Years ago I bought a "well used" Ruger MkII tapered barrel pistol. I found out shortly afterwards why the seller was unloading it. I don't think it would put together 3 consecutive shots without a jam of some kind. I tried everything I knew to fix it, but only made things worse. In frustration, and not knowing as much about guns back then as I do now, I sent it to Ruger. I got a letter in the mail a couple weeks later telling me what it needed and a bill for something like $50, return shipping included, if memory serves me. I sent them a check. Two weeks later my pistol came back and I thought they made a mistake and sent me the wrong one. Nope, same serial number. Not only did they fix the functioning problems, they re-blued it. The pistol looked brand new! Ruger knew what they were doing. I have since bought no less than 10 new Ruger firearms to date.
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