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I blew the front site off of my 1998 made Ruger Super Redhawk with top end 300 Nosler .44mags
I called and told them what happened and they sent me a label for $30. No one else would ship it out for less than $90 due to insurance price. Keep in mind, I'm the 4th owner of this particular handgun. I called 2 weeks later and was told that they didn't like the looks of the barrel due to pitting on the front site connection and were replacing the barrel along with 5 other internal parts that they felt weren't up to spec. I sighed and asked, "How much is that gonna cost?" The reply was, "No cost to you. We consider it a manufacture defect. You should have it back in about 1 week after testing."

Ya, I'm a Ruger fan. Imagine that.
When in doubt, empty the mag.
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