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Springfield Armory Saint Opinions

There is some info out there and on here on them but I was hoping for a current opinion of the Saint AR-15. I wasn't planning on buying one, in fact I've been saving to buy a Winchester 1873 in 44-40. However, a friend of mine who bought one a month ago that has all of 30 rounds through it was recently offered a job in Colorado where such rifles are generally frowned upon. He doesn't want to take it with him.

He offered to sell it to me at a stupid low price so long as I didn't sell it right away for a profit and he gets to shoot it when he is back in town every so often.

It's a vanilla Saint AR, so far as I know it's the basic model though he did add a sling. Not what I was planning on, I'm not really a huge black rifle guy, but I think I'd be stupid to pass up the price.

Thoughts on the Springfield platform of AR?

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