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Originally Posted by 2wheelwander View Post
My safe is in an exterior walled room, perhaps 5'x10'. More of a closet. I've outgrown my safe, which I spent a few grand on. I'm thinking instead of spending another couple thousand on another safe, why note make the room secure with a quality steel door, perhaps some decent sheet steel down the road? I'm seeing steel doors in seemingly 2 classes. $600 steel doors/frames at box stores, and $2k++ steel security doors that you'd see commercially.

No windows, a quality lock. Something they'd be easier going through a wall than getting through the door. Outside wall is half limestone. I know nothing is burglar proof, but with a secure steel door I'm thinking this is a viable option to continue buying safes.

This room is accessed via my attached garage only. I'd prefer not to have a safe style door to attract even more attention. I'm looking at the push style door opening mechanism as that seems harder to defeat??

Opinions, places to look?
you're paying for another safe right there, but should something change you won't be able to take it with you if you move.
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