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reynolds357 wrote:

With a good alarm system, you will be fine. I am retired L E. I know I am about to get flamed, but leave a couple cheap guns out and 99% of burglars will grab them and go. They wont try to defeat the safe/strong room as long as they can get enough to get a crack rock or a bag of meth.
Yep agree, but think layers of home protection!
Believe OP would be better spending $$$$ on layers:

Outer layer: Fence and 2 big dogs (I like GS but Dobermans or Rottweilers all will assume protection duty of area inside of fence.) Plus you won't be alone, they will be your buddies.

2nd: A good alarm system like 357 mentioned.

3rd: You already have safe - Keep the firearms you value most in it.
Burgulars won't stick around long enough to open safe with both dogs and alarms going off.

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