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Originally Posted by 2wheelwander View Post
My safe is in an exterior walled room, perhaps 5'x10'. More of a closet. I've outgrown my safe, which I spent a few grand on. I'm thinking instead of spending another couple thousand on another safe, why note make the room secure with a quality steel door, perhaps some decent sheet steel down the road? I'm seeing steel doors in seemingly 2 classes. $600 steel doors/frames at box stores, and $2k++ steel security doors that you'd see commercially.

No windows, a quality lock. Something they'd be easier going through a wall than getting through the door. Outside wall is half limestone. I know nothing is burglar proof, but with a secure steel door I'm thinking this is a viable option to continue buying safes.

This room is accessed via my attached garage only. I'd prefer not to have a safe style door to attract even more attention. I'm looking at the push style door opening mechanism as that seems harder to defeat??

Opinions, places to look?
With a good alarm system, you will be fine. I am retired L E. I know I am about to get flamed, but leave a couple cheap guns out and 99% of burglars will grab them and go. They wont try to defeat the safe/strong room as long as they can get enough to get a crack rock or a bag of meth.
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