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I just never expected that gun oil could cost so much, $17.99 for any kind of gun oil was beyond any estimation that I had in my mind; fancy lube or not. A bottle of oil last me a really long time. The last time I ever bought CLP, Younger Bush was in office. I still don’t know what SPEC1 means, apparently that word is worth about $13 dollars on its own.
I just thought it was funny that somehow I slept through an entire gun-lube revolution.
I’m not mad or complaining about any product or retailer. I was fooled by myself. I thought it was funny.
I see now that it is normal. I buy Hoppes NO9 for cleaning on a fairly regular basis, just not gun oil.
I’m fortunate, I ain’t rich, but I don’t hurt for money. Times have change tho.
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