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Haha, Clever Ruse

Really I’m not bashing any business.

I was purchasing extra fitness equipment as I have been focusing on getting physically fit again. Was not a cheap purchase anyway.

While shopping, I quickly passed by a display of gun care products and a thought flashed in my head that a fresh bottle of good old fashioned CLP would be handy. Free hand sped out and snatched a bottle off of the display. Paid at the register and being in the Pacific Northwest, I passed on a single use plastic bag and opted to cart everything out to the Jeep. Loaded up and went home.

Later on after trying stuff out I remembered that there was the bottle of oil out in the vehicle. I kinda gulped when I saw the sticker, haha.
Clever marketing to make it look like a bottle of CLP... which I guess it is CLP... just not the same CLP my ever aging butt was expecting

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