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One thing I did notice is for the internet to say they are garbage jam machines that are worthless, I've yet to see one ever jam.
they had a reputation before there was an Internet. Most of the bad stuff came from people who thought that since they were semi autos they were the same as military grade semiautos, and they aren't and were never meant to be.

If you subject the 740 series rifles (including descendants) to the level of use and abuse an M1 Garand /M1A or even an M1 Carbine is built to withstand and ignore, the Remington SPORTING rifle will not perform as well.

They're designed for hunting big game (not varmints) and are generally not "one hole" shooters. If you find one that shoots 1 MOA, KEEP IT! most will do 1.5-2MOA, which is more than good enough to take deer and other big game at any normal range.

The actions are not designed or built to shoot endless thousands of rounds. They can, and with enough use, have worn out to the point of not being reparable. Rust in the chamber is something that will almost always jam them up. Most of them are only shot a few boxes worth a year and last decades, even generations used that way, and properly cared for.

Try to make it a "combat" rifle and treat it to "battlefield" conditions and you won't be happy with the result. In a somewhat flawed comparison, if you're going 4-wheelin' you don't take the family sedan and expect it to last.

The Rem semis are built to do a specific job, and do it fairly well. They do require the appropriate degree of care and maintenance. Good guns for what they are, and not very good for what they aren't and weren't ever meant to be.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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