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Originally Posted by Jaywalker View Post
Fair point about the 30-30, but it is more powerful than the 44 Mag, and I wouldn't use a 30-30 on purpose, so why would I think there was a qualitative difference between two lesser-powered cartridges?

This all reads like the old arguments, .45 ACP vs .357, then .45 and 9mm. I get that bears aren't human-sized, but I understand a lot of Alaskans have moved from revolvers to semi-autos, some to 10mm, some to .45 Super, and some to 9mm. Having grown up with revolvers, I can understand that - I'm much more accurate with a semi-auto than a revolver, and I get many more rounds, both to warn and to shoot-to-hit. My choice of bullets is the Lehigh Xtreme Penetrator. If I have enough time I'll buy a G29 10mm and install an Overwatch Precision Tac trigger. If I don't have enough time for that I'll carry the 9mm and not worry much about it. Whatever I carry, it won't be a revolver, as I sold the last .357 and .44 Mags 30 years ago.
I don't see this as a .45 ACP vs .357, then .45 and 9mm.

This is not even a semi auto vs. revolver debate.

I see this as a 500/460S&W, 454 Casull, 44mag, 10mm VS. 9mm.

You can make this a semi auto vs revolver debate, but you probably won't find a lot of critics of the 10mm, other than it may not be someone's first or second choice.
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