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Originally Posted by Jaywalker View Post
@American Man
Just curious - did you read the Ammoland link with 37 handgun handgun-bear shootings?
That link is not new. I get the stories. Am I supposed to be convinced that a 9mm is just fine for brown bear defense? I'm not. There could be a 1000 more stories of one shot one kills of brown bears with a 9mm and I'm still not going to pack a 9mm in AK or the NW... unless I go to Sam's Club.

Have you been next to a brown bear? I have. I find it hard to believe that it is a good idea for someone to intentionally rely on defending against a brown bear with a 9mm. Are there people out there that do?... apparently so. I won't be one of them and if someone wants to that is up to them. I wish everyone the best of luck out in the woods.
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