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thanks for the suggestions thus far. looking over aero precision, and midwest, both make similar looking handguards that weigh nearly identical, but Aero costs less than half of midwest. I usually am a bit leery of Aero since I always equate them with ultra cheap stripped lowers, but I've never had a problem with their lowers and never used any of their other offerings. how are they in terms of quality?

for use case, this build is just going to be a truck gun, so it doesn't have to look pretty or set up hunting camp for me or anything fancy. it is going to be an iron sights build so the handguard just needs to stay put once mounted.

for triggers, some online (i'm sure paid) reviews recommend velocity triggers. they are listed online for $130 but everywhere I'm seeing they are closer to $190. does anyone have experience with velocity or would I be better off just getting a sub $100 trigger for the price point?
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