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Originally Posted by 44 AMP
In my world OSS (in capital letters) is the abbreviation for the Office of Strategic Services. the clandestine organization that became the CIA after WWII. In your world, its clearly something else.

Every short 2,3,4 (or more) letter combination has multiple meanings, dozens possibly much more, depending on context and what group is using it. "Text speak" on phones has its own set, so does each industry, the military "runs on them", and "etc."!!

And that's just in English. Add in other languages and any "letter code group" can have hundreds of possible meanings.
That's what "OSS" has always meant to me, too -- Office of Strategic Services.

This is another example of why I wish people would stop using acronyms on the Internet -- especially acronyms they've invented for themselves. It saves them a couple of nanoseconds in typing time, and results in unknown numbers of readers wonder just what the heck is being said.
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