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it is to my understanding that DRT is an acronym for Dead Right There, meaning on the spot in one shot.
My understanding is Dead Right There but the # of shots is variable. USUALLY its used when only one shot is fired, but its not limited. DRT essentially means "did not run off"
True, but from the sounds of it, the bear may not have been DRT for the first several shots given that it was charging.

Not at all correct.

'DRT' is a synonym for 'OSS' - meaning 'made dead' by a 'one-shot stop.'
I don't know how you can claim 44 AMP's definition is wrong. There is no governing body that has defined DRT as you have described. It is slang or a colloquialism applied in varied contexts. However, I would certainly argue that DRT is NOT a synonym for one shot stop because one shot stops do not necessarily imply that the shootee is dead, only that they stopped. On top of that, DRT is an expression applied outside of just shooting circumstances.

A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly acted the same thing as another word or phrase and DRT and OSS are not synonyms. They can be similar expressions, but are not synonyms.

When you do look up DRT via the internet, for those sites that do list define it, you will find it as ...
dead right there (no attribution to COD)
not able to be brought back to life
dead at scene of accident

Quite interestingly, we had a discussion on this very thing some 10 years ago. It is amazing how varied the definitions of 'dead right there' varied by people... Some people had DRT as being dead in under 8 seconds, 2 steps, 50 yards, no steps, no steps but dies there, instant kill, etc.
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