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I own a 308 bolt action * * * but I am thinking about switching to a semi-auto platform. My ONLY reason is that a semi-auto can do double duty as hunting and self-defense, the bolt action not being well-suited for the later. I can only afford maintenance and ammo for 1 rifle, and since I live in Colorado, 223 is not legal for big game hunting and thus .308 is my all purpose, affordable caliber of choice.
CMP M1 Garand in .308.

Keep the GI gas plug in when shooting or plinking at the range with the 'service grade' FMJ stuff.

Install a Schuster adjustable gas plug for your favorite .308 'hunting' ammo (e.g., 180gn SP spitzers) and re-zero at the range. Now you're ready to hunt big game. I know two guys who do exactly that each fall as deer season approaches. They shoot Service Rifle and Vintage Military Rifle matches during the summer. After Labor Day they recalibrate their M1s for hunting.

Plus, it bears mentioning the M1 is still 50-states legal ... Not being fed by an evil detachable magazine might become a significant 'thing' down the road.

Word to the wise.
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