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Originally Posted by bamaranger View Post
His handgun in this episode was a 9mm S&W 3954, loaded with Buffalo Bore 147 grain RNFP hardcast ammo. He likely fired 8 rds, obtained hits with all. There are at least two printed articles on the episode.

Shoemaker's the real deal, no tinhorn by all reports. I've read some of his stuff over the years, seems very well thought out. What lead him to carry the 9mm 'Smith would make for an interesting conversation.
Some might mention luck, but I'm reading the guy fired 8 rds and scored 8 hits. I'm reading the guy chose some very specific ammo designed specifically for the task.
This doesn't sound like luck to me but skill and experience.

The video I'm sharing here isn't about that Buffalo Bore round, but it shows what a cheap simple 9mm HP does compared to a 357 mag. The results on a "meat target" are impressive for such a small round.
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