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i have 3,,,HK,M1a,AR10

i like all of them,,,the M1a and the AR10 are pretty close to each other as far as accuracy ,,,,both are maybe right at or a touch over 1moa,,,,,but even the HK is maybe a 1.5moa shooter

they all have a spot in my heart,,,i really do like them all......BUT

if i had to choose just one of them,,,i would more than likely go with the AR10,,,it is heavy,,,,but they all are heavy,,,,,might be .5 pound difference among them,,,maybe,,,,but the 10 is more compact and leaves nothing on the table for accuracy and power,,,it balances well has a good overall feel,,,and the controls are common to the AR15,,,,

the AR10 is shorter by about 10" give or take than the M1a,,making it easier to handle in close quarters,,,and for me brings everything to the table+

thats why for ME,,,if i had to pick one,,, it would be my AR10

probably just kicked the hornets nest in the M1a camp but i have both or all 3,,,,,just saying IF i had to pick

thats my .02,,,,,YMMV

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