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My ONLY reason is that a semi-auto can do double duty as hunting and self-defense
I'm going to take a different direction.

If you need a self defense rifle, then get a self defense rifle. The only one you listed that I would give consideration to is the Mini-30 due to its magazine size, but it is not a sub-MOA rifle on average. In a self-defense situation, do you really want to be mag-limited in a 750, BAR, or an R-1? Do you really want a longer rifle in that situation or one you can maneuver better with in a self defense scenario?

If you are planning to put your life on the line with it, give yourself the best advantage and get a tool built for the job rather than trying to make do with a tool best suited for something else.

If budget is the driving factor, (you menton only being able to afford maintenance and ammo for 1 rifle, but then talk about 3 gun?), keep your .308 bolt for all the greatness it can do, and save up and get the self defense carbine (and consider all the options out there, many of which can double in the 3-gun arena).
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