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Glossy wood on a factory stock, especially Remingtons, is usually polyurethane. As in plastic. Nothing helps it as it gets into the pores of the wood and is very difficult to get completely off. 0000 steel wool just gives it ugly scratches.
Varnish would be fairly easy to get off with regular varnish remover. Remember that with the varnish gone, you have bare wood that suck moisture like a sponge.
"...a glossy/shiny finish that someone has added..." Is the result of hours and literally days of hand rubbing in oil. Usually pure tung oil for a gloss finish. Same as refinishing fine furniture.
Tru-Oil is a commercial tung oil based DIY finish similar to Tung Oil Finish sold by companies like MinWax. It's tung oil with hardeners and drying agents.
Boiled linseed oil, aka BLO, gives a flat finish. Doesn't last as well as other oils.
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