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FULLERPLAST CLEAR was an old standby for gun-stocks, especially wetland guns, that would be out in bad weather, and damp/wet duck blinds, and it was really glossy! Fuller in Fullerplast likely refers to Fuller who still makes surficants and additives for paint manufacturers now, but no longer sells any consumer products. They also made a milky white Fullerplast that was used on early Fender guitars, which is why you see an off white under the finish that has worn off old Fender Stratocaster. model guitars. The stuff was super ultra tough! Now we have very tough polyesters and polyurethanes. Fender uses a polyester now that has to be stripped with a heat gun. If you want a nice satin finish, go to the grocery store and buy some SCOTCHBRITE PADS, (THE GREEN ONES). Cut them down into large SQUARES, and poke a hole in the middle. Go buy a 3 or 4 inch bolt, two fender washers, and two nuts. Put one fender washer on the bolt. Stick the Scothbrite onto the bolt. Put the other fender washer on the bolt and sandwich the Scotchbrite square between the two washers. Now run the nut down and tighten it up. Now you have a Scotchbrite abrasive wheel. Put than in an electric drill, and run that over the wood parts on your gun, and you will have a super nice satin finish on the wood. I redid a 1860s Ethan Allen 22 Rimfire Derringer's brass frame with Scotchbrite and it looked gorgeous. I originally ran Scotchbrite and then jeweler's rouge and brought that brass up to a fine mirrored shine polish, but it reflected all the darkness indoors and just did not look nearly as nice as a fresh satin finished brass. I need a trigger return spring for that Derringer style pistol now. Oh yes it will work again. I am NOT a fan of steel wool on guns, and steel wool is banned from my workshop, as I do repairs on guns, guitars and electronics. Steel wool breaks down as you use it and it gets into everything. With electric guitars and speakers, it sticks to the magnets and ruins them, so it has been relegated to outdoor use only. If someone added a gloss finish later, it's probably varnish or gloss polyurethane. Buff it to a satin finish with some non-metallic abrasive pads. I don't want steel wool in the action of any of my guns either. That stuff gets EVERYWHERE you don't want is as you use it. IF YOU STRIP IT: If chemical stripper does not work, you will need a heat gun. Take the wood off the action, please. Good luck, God bless, safe travels and safe shooting. The Weekend Furniture Re-finisher is a good little book. If you have checkering, that will add some difficulty.
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