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Originally Posted by zukiphile View Post
Are you proposing that political affiliation is an immutable characteristic?
No, just as I did not state that religious beliefs were. My question was, if political affiliation is a standard as to whether or not we "help" someone in need, does that also extend to religious affiliation, race, color or sex?

Originally Posted by JERRYS. View Post
I am polite but will not lift a finger to help anyone (other than to possibly save their life) that supports infringing upon my rights enumerated in the constitution.
But....aren't you then infringing upon those folk's 1st Amendment rights? Like you, they are just expressing their views. Does this mean we turn our head when they are in need? Are you not alienating them even farther and just presenting a negative impression of what gun owners are? Last thing I thing about when I see someone stranded along the roadside is what their stance on gun control is, nor is a political bumper sticker going to make me drive past. No different when a neighbor has a health issue or has a hard time clearing their driveway after a snow storm because of age.

I grew up up in a household where one parent was a Democrat and one was a Republican. While I saw a difference in opinion, I did not see the hate I see here. What I saw growing up in that scenario was, that many times folks ignored what was the better good, in defense of their political affiliation. Probably why I am still an independent when it comes to voting. The hate I see here is similar to the hate I saw back in the late 50s and early 60s towards other races, other religions and other ethnic groups. Funny, even tho we are supposed to be above all of that now, the hate remains, just redirected.

Irrational fear. Ideophobia. Apparently, both so great, folks feel the need to refrain from helping others in need.

As I said in my first post, the question presented by the OP is much more complex than a straight and instantaneous yes or no.
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