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Originally Posted by raimius View Post
Most semis are pretty heavy. Also, with your traditional stock requirement, your options are a bit more limited. Have you considered keeping the bolt gun and focusing on a self-defense pistol?

yes, I already have a self defense pistol. I am the kind of person who instead of having a specialized tool for each dedicated use, I like to have equipment that is as versatile as possible. Hardware that is jack of all trades and master of none.

This comes from the fact that I have a lot of hobbies, I am a spoiled guy (but not a rich one): between firearms, archery, bicycles, skiing, motorcycles, weight lifting equipment etc, I cannot afford to have several of anything. My wife long ago limited me to one of each: no way I could have a mountain bike, a road bike, a gravel bike, and then a 3D bow, a hunting bow, a bowfishing bow... you get the point.
[although: a secret... sometimes I buy stuff that I say is for her, yet it is really for me. Example: HUGE extra wide computer monitor screen for her graphics design last Christmas.... which also happens to be GREAT for playing games! :-) Versatility ]

My wife didn't know much about firearms (she was very much anti before meeting me) so after she has learned about them, she has limited me to: 1 pistol, 1 rifle, 1 shot gun (I still don't own one) and one 22lr firearm for teaching kids and newbies. I asked "how about one muzzle loader?" she said NO! : ( Can you believe it?

That's why I was thinking about changing to a semi-auto platform in 308 for the rifle. I thought that it could do hunting duty and competition / shooting club duty (which my current bolt action does) and also self defense in the zombie apocalypse duty.

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