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You may not need brain surgery for this headache.

I'm interested in but the finish bothers me.

What I am interpreting, from your post, is that the finish is sound but you just don't like the "glossy" look and neither do I. ……

If so, for starters, Lightly buff it with 0000 steel wool. This will give it more of a satin finish. Take care not to work the high spots and sharper edges, too hard. Then I follow up with a light polishing, using shoe past wax or any carnauba base wax. …..

I refinish a number of stocks, using Tru-Oil and after I let the last coat, age awhile, I use this satining technique. Try it yourself and if you still don't like it, you can go from there. A number of years ago, I contacted Birchwood Casey, inquiring about the availability of a Semi-Gloss product and they said they were working on it. So far, no luck. … "crickets"
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