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Get a PTR or Cetme with a rail for a scope. You can get 5 rounds mags for them. Mine is amazingly accurate, and lightweight. Other options are an AR10/25 or a Galil Ace, but the AR is too heavy and the ship sailed on the cheap ACE rifles.

I had both a Mini-14 and a 30. With certain handloads I could get the 14 to shoot acceptable, killed a lot of coyotes with it. The 30 on the other hand was a bullet hose, even with good brass cased ammo.

The Remington 7400's can shoot well, my buddy had an old beat up 740 in 243 that was a genuine 1/2 moa rifle, I bought a new 7400 one and best it will do is around an inch. They can be a bit fickle.
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