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Accurate 308 autoloader?

I own a 308 bolt action (Savage 12 varmint low profile):

but I am thinking about switching to a semi-auto platform. My ONLY reason is that a semi-auto can do double duty as hunting and self-defense, the bolt action not being well-suited for the later. I can only afford maintenance and ammo for 1 rifle, and since I live in Colorado, 223 is not legal for big game hunting and thus .308 is my all purpose, affordable caliber of choice.

Being a savage owner, I like the Savage MSR 10, but it is a bit pricey. This rifle would be ideal for me because it is supposedly super accurate. But if my job were to take me to a non-free state, an autoloader rifle with a classic montecarlo stock is probably less of a headache.

I have researched the Ruger Mini-Thirty, the Browning Bar, Remington 750 Woodmaster, and the Benelli R1.

Can any of these platforms be expected to reach sub-MOA accuracy such as the MSR 10 and some other AR platforms can? Could any of them see satisfactory use as three-gun rifles? Or be used for varmint hunting?
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