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Help needed with a grip gripe. Astra 680 snub.

My EDC is my Astra 680 2" .38Spl snub.

It came with small grips and, having a spare set already, I replaced them with larger wooden grips with a squared base and a small, low profile lip over the web of the thumb.

Despite this larger grip, affording me greater contact surface, the little gun still jumps in my hands, meaning follow-up shots need readjustment in the hand.

Not ideal if I ever needed it for serious situations.

So my question/request is, could you please post pictures or links to the style of grip I should be looking for.

Recommending a purchase is unlikely to help as a) few make grips for the Astra and b) of those that do, I bet none ship outside the States.

But... show me what it should look like, and I might be able to fashion my own!

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