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Originally Posted by MoArk Willy View Post
LaPierre has given everyone a reason not to like him.
It isn't just Wayne
They have cancer from top to bottom

Whether you like the NRA or not, they are still the best chance gun owners have to buck the democrats and liberals
Utter nonsense
WE are the best chance

We will NOT be better off without the NRA
Out of touch nonsense
The NRA is the lefts whipping boy, and they use its existence to effectively rally their base in a big way

If/when the NRA falls (and I hope they do) I believe it could potentially be a catalyst for gun owners to finally get off their lazy, apathetic rear ends AND START FIGHTING.
The NRA has been a crutch for a significant number of gun owners for far too long... "Oh I give money to the NRA so I'm fighting"...dErP

And if they do fail and cease to exist you can expect your 2nd Amendment rights to follow them.
If you don't expect the 2A to fall as things stand today, then you aren't paying attention.
We are losing the fight (if anything by attrition alone) while they continue to get stronger.

What other organization does as much to preserve the 2nd Amendment?
What other organization has stood longer over the steady decline of 2A rights?

What other organization spends as much towards pro-gun causes?
It isn't always about how much you spend, but how effective the expenditure is, and the NRA produces ineffective trash
Further, if the NRA goes away does that mean the donation stream goes away?
No it doesn't, especially if they are replaced by better.

I have no clue what the VCDL or GOA have spent during recent months in VA, but they helped get more people involved than the NRA has done there in decades.

And what does the NRA do?
Do they join forces? NO
Do they offer help? NO

They swoop in after the fact (as they so often do) and try to grab the $$$ before the VCDL or GOA gets it all.
And I guarantee that if this this end positively for VA 2A rights, no matter how small, the NRA will claim credit in order to try and raise even more $$$

I truly hope the NRA falls in a spectacular fashion as that might finally start to motivate "our side" into getting off their lazy behinds.
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