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I'm sure if I called Winchester and told them I used a [handload of any kind ]...
It takes upwards of a 80-90ksi spike to produce that dramatic a depth of brass extrusion (which is what I'm keying on)*
(Experts/metallurgy guys chime in yeah/nay)
* is there any chance of soft brass in the head?. Are rims/web area growing on any of the other cases?

As you note, you are in bullet spec otherwise.

As to headspacing from the breech bolt face, all the rimless gas guns show that (look at the 30 Carbine drawing -- as the 350L ain't nothin' but the 30 Carbine on steroids)

OOC, what is the as-loaded mouth diameter ?

Again, will be very interested in what your engineering contacts have as thoughts/findings

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