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* * * The Wardens have a huge amount of discretion pertaining to how they enforce that law.
Which is why Maine isn't a Free State.

Law enforcement - of whatever kind or agency - with unbridled discretion, is an anathema to fairness and due process.

Honest to goodness target shooters have nothing to fear going to a gravel pit or back yard range.
So you say, ... but with 'huge discretion' on the Warden's part, a target shooter out in a field somewhere is presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Poachers on the other hand, well, lie to the game Wardens and see how it goes. * * *
Dude, focus ...

On a Sunday afternoon in Maine, what's the difference between a guy plinking in his back forty acres with a .223 Mini-14 ranch rifle, and a guy with the same rifle who's looking to make extinct - or at least thin-out - the coyotes plaguing his farm and livestock?

Neither are engaged in actual 'sport hunting.' ... And the latter is only doing nuisance-predator culling.

Sunday 'hunting' bans are a legal symbol of moron-run non-Free States.

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