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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
You're changing the narrative a bit to place the weapon in the process of transportation or personal possession on your property. What I'm saying is that the Maine IFW can--and have--make the assumption that if you're out in the woods, fields etc. with a large capacity magazine semi-auto, they can stop you right on the spot and ask you to prove that you were not actually hunting. Wander about with ANY KIND OF WEAPON on Sundays (no hunting in Maine) and they can make the same "prove you're not hunting" demand. What's more, they are empowered in Maine to make a warrantless search of your property if they have reasonable suspicion you're breaking hunting laws (i.e. tresspass/poaching).

From the 2019 2020 hunting law publication:

"Possession of Hunting Equipment on
Sunday: Possession of hunting equipment
in the fields and forests or on the waters
or ice of this state on Sunday is prima facie
evidence of a violation of Sunday hunting
law, unless the equipment is securely
wrapped in a complete cover, fastened in
a case, or carried in at least two separate
pieces in such a way that it cannot be fired
without the pieces being joined together
(for the purpose of this paragraph, a
firearm clip, magazine, or cylinder is not
considered a “piece”)."

Except for a concealed carry weapon--which must conform to laws--generally speaking (with special disability, military or LE exceptions or boats hunting for waterfowl) you are not allowed to have a loaded firearm within any kind of motorized vehicle either.
Holy smokes. That law seems awful harsh. How do you prove you weren't hunting? Is it enough to have a target set up? Or carrying a target to set up? Surely it's legal to practice or verify zero on Sundays?
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