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Originally Posted by cslinger View Post
....That said IF this person was INTENTIONALLY AND KNOWINGLY providing arms to criminals / violent individuals I WANT HIM PUT AWAY!! There is a difference between joe good guy making a few losers for his good guy friends for the fun of it vs this as far as intent. I NEVER want to see Joe Good guy get railroaded but I want to see the bad guys get put away. ....
I don't disagree with you. People who knowingly and intentionally arm bad guys should be punished in accordance with the law. That said, the press release for charging Joseph Roh is here and it's dated October 2, 2014. The fact that the feds have done their investigation, charged him with manufacturing and selling without a license, but here we are 5 years down the road, and the feds still haven't charged him with transfer to someone he knew or should have known was prohibited from possessing a firearm .... That suggests to me that the feds don't have enough evidence that he did so to charge him.
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