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Feds Drop Prosecution of Man Who Sold AR Kits to 19 Felons

The feds dropped the case because they were concerned they’d loseon a weird point of law. As it turns out, many firearms built since the 1950s have both an upper and lower receiver. However, the legal description of “receiver” basically describes a 1903-type receiver that houses both the trigger, the hammer/striker, bolt, and barrel.

The ATF was concerned the judge wasn’t going to accept their longstanding interpretation regarding which part of an AR15 was the receiver. Rather than have a ruling like Thompson Center occur again, they dropped the case against a California man who had been selling 80% AR kits and then letting people “manufacture” them by pressing the button on his automated mill. He would then assemble the remaining parts for them.

The article reports at least 24 prohibited persons acquired ARs this way, including one mass shooter, 19 convicted felons, 5 domestic abusers, and a mentally incapacitated individual.

I thought this was interesting both for the legal implications, given the number of firearms produced in the last 70 years that split firearm parts between an upper and lower receiver. I also think it shows that the general public hasn’t even started to grasp the ease with which older designs like the AR15 or AK47 can be manufactured locally.
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