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Spats, I’m really glad you seem happy with your purchase, as I seem to be the one who talked you into it (at least here on TFL, maybe there were others elsewhere who had more influence). I have to say, I recently shot my Mask again for the first time in a while (a second kid being born and a wife who works 60 to 70 hours a week can severely limit your range time), and it always surprises me how quiet it is. Since I bought my Mask, some newer modular .22 cans have come out that you can reconfigure to be shorter, but I’ve never seen the need for that on a .22. To me, the only advantage to a shorter silencer is for it to be more compact at the expense of being louder. That makes sense for a duty or home defense silencer; you want something more maneuverable in tight quarters and you don’t care about it being super-quiet, you just want it to damage your hearing less that an unsuppressed gun. But with a recreational firearm like a .22, that’s not really a concern for me.
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