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A Completely Unnecessary Update

A mere 5 years and some change since I started this thread and I thought I'd revisit it. My thanks to everyone who helped me make the decision on which suppressor to purchase. I've not had one moment of Buyer's Remorse, and that's a good thing.

Here's where I am. I now have one suppressor and three .22LR hosts*. Somewhere along the line, I had the barrel threaded on my 'standard issue' 10/22, and picked up a 22/45 Lite and a Ruger American Rimfire (which became my 'Squirrel Sniper'**). I took them all out to a farm a few weeks ago and rained silent death of various evil citrus fruits. Subsonic ammo (CCI Quiet and Remington Subsonic) runs just fine, but neither the 22/45 nor the 10/22 really cared for some RWS subsonic ammo that I had. Granted, the RWS has been in storage for a minute, but it felt like it had some kind of semi-sticky coating. In any event, while the semis ran subsonics just fine, the RAR was really in a league of its own in terms of being ridiculously, stupid quiet. Seriously, I have a pellet gun that's louder. At ~20 yards, you could hear the bullet hit an orange.

* = I'm fairly certain that this means I'll need more suppressors, right? Besides, Mrs. McGee needs her own suppressor, doesn't she?

** = If you want to see The Squirrel Sniper in all its glory, it's over at The High Road, The Bore Site, and I've put it on my Twitter and Instagram pages. I go by Spats McGee on all of those. In spite of all of that, I guess I'm too lazy to sign up for yet another site to host my pics for TFL.
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