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I am ambi-dominant. I can switch my eye dominance to either eye, with concentration.

It's a curse. When I get tired or distracted, my eye dominance toggles back and forth. That's why I have a little circle of cloudy scotch tape on the left lens of my shooting glasses such that I can't see the sights but the amount of light going to each eye is the same.

To top it all off, I can close my right eye only, but can only barely close my left eye only by scrunching up my face and mostly closing my right eye. It doesn't work. Both eyes open!

Recent evidence shows that last week, I can't hit a pheasant using the normal stance I have used for years shooting skeet and trap. If some fella has time to shoot twice as much at the range to equally practice both sides, more power to him.

As it is, I have at least 100 times the practice of most fellas I meet in the field. Nice guys, good hunters, and most admire my Ithaca Model 37 (which is a beauty) for it's old walnut, not that it's an ambidextrous pump gun. I only shoot it right handed.
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