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Appreciate all comments. My use of the the term long gun applies to all shoulder fired small arms....rifle, shotgun, carbine. I'll add he shoots handgun with his primary/right hand running the trigger, but his left master eye is working the sights. Yes, both eyes open is the way, but there is a connection between the brain, hands and sights. If you don't think so, try shooting your guns with your "off" eye from your off side. My Dad missed a ton of game, primarily because he was cross dominant and never coached . Under pressure of a flush or game, his ability to point swing and hold was compromised, I am certain.

Most interesting to me are Tunnelrats remarks concerning "unnatural" and 5whiskey regards shooting/loading in that manner his whole life. My stance exactly.

Bamaboy is not ambidextrous, but his hand eye coordination is very high, and he is a skilled and accomplished martial artist as well. His ability to watch a technique, than apply those motions with his own hands/feet is quite astounding. I have little doubt he can run the carbine well off his right shoulder. I just think he will shoot better off his left,......and "running" the carbine is second to shooting it well. ...seems to me anyhow

In the long run, he will decide, he's a big boy now after all.

I gave the whole cross dominant thing a good bit of thought when he was a kid and elected to go "off" shoulder.

Just hope I didn't start him wrong and now he's behind the curve.
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