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the logic is apparently that with a dot sight, it will not matter what shoulder he shoots from,and his manipulation of the carbine will be more fluid and faster
I wouldn't say which eye is dominant doesn't matter at all when using a dot sight on a carbine, but I would say it makes weak eye dominance much less an issue when shooting from the strong side.

As to the bold, that is false logic. If you started him out shooting from his weak side because of weak-eye dominance, and you started him as a boy, I personally believe it foolish to try and switch things up now that he is an adult after years of shooting. Especially given that he has shot competitions. Further, if he has practiced reloads his whole life as he currently shoots I believe it will be more awkward for him to switch back now. I do agree with practice from both shoulders for the purposes of utilizing cover, strong arm injuries, etc.

I agree with you bamaranger, bamaboy should continue to shoot weak side. For no other reason than, as far as gun handling is concerned, it's not really his weak side anymore if he has shot like that his entire life.
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