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I do own an AR-15 I built and it is solid at 400yds pinging a 6x12" plate. I am very happy with all of the feedback in this thread. I have just been beating my head against the wall on exactly what I want to buy for my next bolt action rifle. I am probably going to settle on the "extra medium" .308 in a Tikka T3X Lite. I do plan on picking up a .270 and 22-250 eventually as well later on. And to Old Roper, I shoot a Hoyt as well currently own the Hoyt Ignite.
I think you'll be pretty happy with the .308... most who have one are, and the Tikka is a great rifle by all accounts.

If you eventually decide that 30 cal is a little extra, which many observant and discerning folk do , you can re-barrel to 7mm-08, keep the short action, and have the best caliber ever. That is my opinion at least.

Happy shooting!

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